Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tried it Tuesday: The Answer Pad


Something I tried last year with my classes was The Answer Pad student response system. It was a great way for an assignment to be instantly graded so the kids got immediate feedback. There is an iPad app (TAP it) and the students can log in on a web browser. It is a great tool for BYOT/BYOD. I only did it a few times at the end of the year for multiple choice quizzes but I will definitely use it more next year.

It is just an electronic answer sheet you don't type the questions although you can attach the test for reference. You set up the correct answers and then assign it to a whole class, small group, or individual students. The students log in and record their answers and click submit. As a teacher you can look at the results in a variety of ways.

Logged in as a student

Logged in as a teacher to set up multiple choice

For those that teach math there are a bunch of different answer types. Students can even show their work so you can see the work behind the answer.

Logged in a teacher options

Preview of different questions

The Answer Pad is free for one class up to 36 students but there are paid options as well they add some features. I could not be any more impressed with the customer service. I had put in a request for parent reports and they have contacted me to help work through adding this feature. I love that! It is certainly worth a look if your students have access to technology devices.

Thanks to Holly for hosting Tried It Tuesday it is always fun to see what it shared.



  1. This is neat. I love anything that makes grading easier and quicker. Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching With Class

  2. This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing! It definitely makes life a little easier to spend less time on grading every once in a while! I also love how there are so many different options for the kid of questions you use. I too love technology so I am glad I found your blog-I am your newest follower!

    Learning to the Core

  3. This is so cool!! Students need that immediate feedback. I have it pinned for future reference. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper