Monday, June 10, 2013

Ocean theme again this year

Today I'm joining up with Leigh from an Appalicious Teacher for her weekly idea share. The topic this week is classroom decor.

Last year my teammate and I did an ocean theme in our rooms while the other fourth grade team did superheroes. Both of the teams really liked what they did  (not to mention the time, effort and money invested) so we are continuing with them this year.

I went on a hunt for pictures and I didn't have many where the actual room/theme were the showcase. I kind of had to grab assorted pictures to give you a little idea.

The focus when you head into my room was the diver hanging over the window. A couple kids thought she was a bit creepy but most thought she was cool. I have her home for the summer to fix up her hair and add some stuffing because she looked a little sickly thin by the end.


here is a little fuzzy but farther away version
I did add fish and other sea creatures on the ceiling and around the room. During the first week of school I had the kids decorate large paper fish with their favorite colors and hobbies. Those stayed up all year you can get a little peek if you look at the top of this picture. You also can see my calendar and birthday board.

paper making on earth day
The first picture here was right before school started. In the distance behind the silly picture you can see the reading corner. You can kind of see the reading posters and book recommendation board with fish. We also had comfy reading chairs until one got a hole. I brought them home for the summer and I bought new beans for refilling. I also included a couple closer up.

start of school
holiday sweater fashion show
reading with a first grade buddy
having a book club meeting
The area by our ActivBoard is our gathering carpet. It is also the area where I post our learning objectives and the each student has a little aquarium stickers that they fill with fish stickers for each book they read (different genres have different fish). I loved my little colored bubbles hanging in the corner. Some of them were lights and others were not.

make a 3Rs video for earth day - table is not normally there
theater for mall day
Along one of the walls when you come in there is a bulletin board, two whiteboards and our book boxes. All the boards have fish or waves around the edges. In the first pictures the boxes are empty and the bulletin boards don't have much on them. The second you can see the stuff in the boxes. The boxes had each kids' name with either a boy or girl diver (from scrappin doodles) that they could color in.

saving Fred during the first week of school
eating crepes during our french party

beginning of the year - before the fabric table cover
 In keeping with the theme I brought in dive equipment the first week of school and let all the kids try things on. I tool pictures against a green screen and then worked my magic. They really got a kick out of really "Diving into Learning."

Last year I made a bunch of things for my room so I'm going to stick some down here since the pictures were already in blogger.


Wow this ended up being very picture heavy. Hopefully it didn't take forever to load :-o

What do you have in the works for this year. Be sure to go over and look at some of the other great ideas at The Applicious Teacher.


  1. Great room! I love the theme, it is one of my favorites for my room too. The green screen pictures are a great idea. Have you seen the fadeless paper with the underwater graphic?

  2. Love the diver hanging from the ceiling! That's awesome!

  3. Heather- What a great idea for the beginning of the school year! I love how your green screen pics turned out! Thanks for linking up!

    The Applicious Teacher