Thursday, June 13, 2013

Teach Like a Pirate chapter 2

I- Immersion

As easy as it is to sense immersion, students can also immediately sense when we aren't all there. We all know when we are dealing with people who are distracted or in some way dividing their attention.

A lack of immersion in the present send a clear, although unspoken, message that this moment is somehow less important and not significant enough to be worth undivided attention. ouch I hadn't thought of it that way but it is true.

Most of the time I really am all about the students. For as techie as I am I'm not checking my email every second and looking at my phone. I am teaching and working with students. If someone walks into my room and I am in a conversation with a student or on a roll teaching I will have them wait. I will sit on the floor or pop under a desk if that's where the kids are reading.

I do think we have to grab those valuable teachable moments. It's the best way to validate curiosity. My husband and I laugh about how we survives without our ipads and smart phones with respect to immediate gratification about what we might be wondering. When we are talking about who sang a song, who was in a movie, where a place is located or some other silly thing we can satisfy our curiosity right away. I for one wonder about all kinds of things that I will go on a search to find out about. It's nice when we can indulge the students curiosity and interest as well.

As for the testing piece... My feeling is - If you are teaching the content in an engaging way kids are going to get it. My team of fourth grade teachers are great - definitely some out of the box thinkers and our test scores were fantastic - #1 one in our county for reading & ELA #2 for math & science #3 SS (out of 58 schools)

I agree with Dave Burgess it would be quite a compliment to hear a student say "When (s)he's teaching you, (s)he isn't doing anything else!"

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  1. I have a hard time thinking that my students might think I wasn't ALL IN at that moment too. It is quite the wake up call. Even when another teacher walks in the room! Thanks for linking up!
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