Saturday, September 8, 2012

Traveling pets

We had some visitors that arrived on the first day of school and they hung around for the first three weeks. The visitors that I'm speaking about were Snail and Whale from Stephen Baker's class "3D" in New Zealand. It was so fun to host a traveling pet. The kids were super excited and took tons of pictures while they were here.

Here is the post they wrote about the visit. If you would like to sign up for a visit you can find Stephen's email here.

Now Snail and Whale are in the mail on their way to Iowa to continue their adventures.

Last year my class hosted Davo the Tasmanian Devil from Australia. The kids also had a blast with that visitor. While visiting the classroom he was able to see some end of the year activities and join in on field day. He was only able to stay less than a week so unfortunately he didn't get to go home with as many students . I was amazed however that with a little planning he made it to a church sleep-in, Taste of Marietta, a Cinco de Mayo party, a soccer game and a girl scout activity all in one weekend.

 I made an adorable box for sending him on to his next stop.
Later on this year we will be hosting Shoeless and Bark which is a Projects by Jen activity. You can read about it here. Unfortunately the registration is now closed but you can check out some more of her GREAT projects on the calendar or by clicking the image below. Last year we participated in a bunch of her projects. The O.R.E.O. project will be starting up next week so it is open up for registration right now. My class has done this one for about 5 years but this year is the 100th anniversary of Oreo cookies so it should be extra fun. The holiday card exchange is always a great one!  You should definitely go check out her site.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

September already

The students have now been back at school for three weeks. I am really enjoying the new kids and having a student teacher. I do however miss my bestie because she has been out on maternity leave since the fourth day of school. You just gotta love that timing.

As we are cruising long and getting in the groove it hasquickly become September. So of course I wanted to join up with Harley at

for the monthly "currently" event.

Favorite things -I have fallen in LOVE with PhotoKey for doing green screen pictures. I have already done two projects this year. One to go with our ocean theme and one to with Miss Rumphius during Grandparents and Special Friends Day at school. It is soooo much easier than two other products that I've used before. Below you will find one example from each.

Pixie is a favorite open ended software that I use with my kids all the time. It can be used for just about any image or slide show idea you could think of and it is so intuitive.

collage of a few idea (rotations, an invention, and projects inspired by books)
I use flickr to store and share pictures that I take in class. I set up a new collection each year and make sets for different activities. Here is the collection so far for this year. I have parents sign a form that they don't mind me sharing pictures. I also don't include student names.

Animoto is a fun way to make a quick movie of an activity. An educator account gets you extended videos for no cost. This is from International Dot Day last year. We are looking forward to participating again this year. Join up if you're interested. Peter Reynolds is even doing a livestream event with Discovery Education this year.

I guess all these favorites are on my mind because I have been using them lately.

Happy Labor Day