Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Week

I just completed the second week with students and I'm finally getting around to sharing some activities we did in the first week.

Obvious we spent time the first week going over procedures, sorting supplies, and getting to know each other. On this post I'm just sharing a few of the FUN things.

On the first day the kids participated in the Saving Fred activity shared by Lorraine at Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggies. They loved it and it was nice to get a feel for the kids. It even connected with our ocean theme. I know I took pictures but I don't seem to have them right now so they must be on the other camera. On our second day we also Lorraine puzzle races. The winning team finished in just over 10 minutes and the last team finished in a little over 20 minutes. I used Sponge Bob puzzles from the Dollar Tree. Once again there were great strategies shared.

the winning team
On the first day we also opened up a package that came to us from New Zealand! The kids were very excited to meet Snail and Whale, traveling pets from Room 3. We read the book about them and then picked a lucky child to take them home and fill out the journal about their visit in Georgia. The first week the kids took them to an assembly, out to recess, to specials, to the cafeteria and pretty much everywhere else. They also our school mascot ,Wolfie. This continued on through the second week as well.

In keeping with our ocean theme, on the second day I also read Manfish. It is the story of Jacques Cousteau given to me by the Two Sisters at a D5/CAFE workshop. I also shared a quick slideshow of pictures I have taken while scuba diving. Then I let the kids try on the gear and we took pictures in front of a green screen. I finally finished changing out the backgrounds this weekend. The full set can be viewed here.

One other thing we did the first week was read Not A Box and Meggie Moon and then have the kids (in pairs or trios) use their imagination to transform a squiggle into something else. They definitely had Snail and Whale on the brain because five groups had some variation on them. We did however get a rabbit spy with a jet pack and a few other creative things.

I'm sure we did some other fun things but since it has taken me so long to write this post I lost the list I had made for myself. All in all it was a fun week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Made Its nearing an end

Here are a few things I made this past week. I'm back in school full swing so not much time for being crafty.

One of my kids favorite things this past week was trying on scuba equipment and getting their pictures taken in front of the green screen. I'm in the process of doing my photo work to put them in the ocean.

Snail and Whale are traveling pets visiting us from New Zealand

A quick one this week is a Box Tops collection container.
made from my new sharpener box
I also put ocean themed labels on the storage area that is available for the kids. I didn't use scrapbook paper becasue I wanted them to also see the contents.


The final this week was gluing ribbons on the kids writer's notebooks. I also did a mail merge to make labels for the front of each notebook. I should have done the ribbons last week before they decorated them so that we could have glued the colored paper on top of them but at least I finally got i to it.
both the notebooks and the bins have personalized labels
I wanted to get a post up this weekend about my first week but I didn't quite get there. Hopefully I can put it together this evening.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday - First Day & Made Its

This is a quick post because today is the first day of school and I need to get ready. I had intended to set this up yesterday and then got caught up with other things and forgot.

My major accomplishment this week is the diver for my classroom ceiling. I used an old wetsuit, my real BCD and I bought a cheap mask and fin set as well as a wig from Party City. I had to create a fake tank, reg and pressure gauge/computer.My husband was super sweet and helped me get her hooked on the ceiling this weekend. Excuse the fuzzy picture below but apparently it was the only one I took from a distance.

view in the room
 The other little projects were name tags for the desks (that are line art so the kids can color them in) and a goodie bag of fish. Later I will come back and upload the baggie topper.

When I get home today I'll go check out the other great projects. For those of you still home go ahead and check them out now.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A few Made Its for Monday

I have to say it felt weird not joining last weeks Made It Monday since I was away. Having been back less than a week and having already started school it is just a scattering of projects for this week. I have however finally gotten most of the last materials for my diver project. Hopefully I will have something put together for next week.

Here we go:

The first is table numbers. I actually made them for my six tables. The turquoise and dark blue fans alternate and the insides circles with the numbers were made to match the cute squirt fish I got in the Target dollar bins. If you would like the circles click here.

I didn't realize how bad a picture until I posted it
I did a close up so you can see the cute font for table.

The next were some more banners. I included the jpg of the file because they are more clear than my actually photo.

Another little project was creating two more months of calendar headers because orginally I didn't bother since we aren't in school those months. Then I printed them small to use for my birthday board inspired by this pin from Erica Bohrer. I did it last year with a Hollywood theme.

 The final one to share this week is more practical. I like the idea of class journals and someone (but I have searched my boards and reader and can't figure out who) had the great idea for the kids to have some stickers with their class number to put on a class journal after they contribute. I made two sets (with different colors) for my two writing classes. Each child will get a strip of 10 stickers with their number.

That's it for now but I do still have a long to do list. Of course I have many less hours to craft now that I'm back at school but I'm sure I'll still get some more fun things done.
 Thanks for stopping by and if you're interested in entering my 100 follower giveaway for a personalized  denim clipboard like I made for a previous Monday project you can click here.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Currently & 100 followers

I just started back to school last week so I have total school on the brain right now.  I'm happy to join up with Farley's Currently for the second time this month. I saw all the action yesterday but I was worn out after returning home from school so I'm getting to it today.


B2S clarification

1. I have been making all kinds of banners that I have printed myself as well as items that I have uploaded to Vistaprint. It definitely wouldn't be the same without all my cute ocean clip art and the superhero clip art that I bought for my teammates.

2. I have bought several great files that will help with the transition to common core this year. My current favorites are probably the Common Core ELA Vocabulary Cards for 4th Grade by Ginger Snaps and Common Core Standards Posters for Fourth Grade by Ashleigh. These are both up in my room now. I certainly have other favorites that are more lesson related but I'll stop there.

3. I definitely like to keep organized and I've done some overhaul on my general classroom binder as well as my reading pensieves. 

I'm also excited to have reached 100 followers. I've been hanging on the edge for about a week and I just noticed today that I made it. In honor of the occasion I'm going to do a giveaway.

One lucky winner will get a customized denim clipboard. Below you will see one I made for myself as well as one I personalized for a previous winner. This time the winner will get to pick out your own colors and what kind of theme you might like. I will get scrapbook paper, ribbon, iron-ons and fabric glitter to go with whatever you select.

clipboard from the previous giveaway
after it was personalized

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vistaprint goodies

I just started back to school today. When I arrived I was excited to see I had a Vistaprint order waiting for me. I got all sorts of goodies. This was my third Vistaprint order of the summer.

 My two favorites were my medium posters. The top one it for tracking student thinking. The one below is a facebook/classbook variation that I plan to laminate so we can write on it. I also thought my birthday postcards with a homework coupon on the back came out cute.

Here were the other items from the most recent order. 
  • A car magnet to display while we are recording in class.  
  • Business cards that were left blank to write in the Reward reason and amount in class money. 
  • Conference reminder postcards.
  • Postcards with tips for being a reading coach from Mrs. Robinson's classroom blog
  • small rubber stamp
  • pen personalized for the classroom library
  • a few more mouse pads
  • a tickets to go show off something at the office

This was one of the Groupon orders where I bought $25 more to get free shipping.

This was my first order of the summer that was focused on my ocean theme. There are magnetic business cards with contact information, return address labels with contact information, a t shirt, rack cards with i pick and reading strategies, thank you notes, sticky notes, personalized pen, personalized notepad with my picture while diving, and finally a mouse pad.

 The only other really cute items from my second order were the reading banners for my class and my best buddy.

Well, probably more than enough sharing. Check out all the different Vistaprint ideas on the linky hosted by Christina BainBridge

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Silhouette Cameo

I have mentioned my Cameo in a couple of Monday Made It posts as well as in a Fabulous Find posts. I can't say enough good things about it! I know there are some other bloggers out there with Cameo machines so I wanted teo mention a couple of things I have come across recently.

1. In the Silhouette store you can apply for an educator discount. The application is here and the turn around is pretty quick. Once you are approved you will see the retail price marked out and your price indicated. It doesn't seem to be a standard percentage off. When I looked down the price adjustments they seemed to be 20-30% off.This is the store where you can buy the cameo itself as well as all sorts of accessories.

2. The other that I just found out about today is a Plum District deal. This is for the store where you download different shapes and designs to use creating different projects. I got a $10 credit when I bought the Cameo and then I bought a downloadable card with a Plum Deal I did a while back.  I just purchased this deal and they have something they call "give and get". If three people purchase the deal from your personalized link you get it for free.  If you are interested in the deal I would love it if you would use my link here.

One more bit of info -  You can use the coupon code "visapromo" to take 10% off your order when using your VISA card, bringing down the price to $16.20 for $30 worth of designs!

I found out about the deal from blog Under a Cherry Tree. If you have a cutter you should definitely check out her blog. She does tutorials for tons of great projects using the cameo with the silhouette software and make-the-cut software. She used to use a Cricut so there are also some older posts about that as well.