Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teach Like A Pirate - Chapter 1

I loved this book! Since finishing it Monday I have convinced my principal and several other teachers to read it. It was so refreshing to me.

Pirates are daring, adventurous, and willing to set forth into uncharted territories with no guarantee of success. Shouldn't we all be pirates. I for one just bought the T shirt so I can wear it proudly.

Here are my reflections on the passion questions.

Content passion - This year I was only teaching reading and language arts. Math and science have always been my favorites so I had to work on being passionate about some other areas. I do love book and I have a very large classroom  library. I feel passionate that students should have choice in their reading and that it is my job to encourage a love of reading. Once of the ways I try and do this is sharing the middle grade books I have loved and also by letting kids share about the books they are reading. I love bringing books to life during read aloud time and when we do class novels by connecting to them anyway we can. I have joined the Global Read Aloud for the last three years. When I do trips to places (like Paris) that connect with a book we read I like to go around and take pictures of the spots in the book. I also to bring the reading alive through readers theater and tableau or any  other kind of active connection. I also like connecting our classroom with collaborative projects when ever possible.

Professional passion - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a teacher. I am incredibly passionate about technology integration. My principal worked it out this year that I taught in my classroom four days a week and then while many of my students were gone to gifted pullout I helped teacher integrate technology lessons in their classrooms. Along with that I love professional development whether that is reading books and blogs or attending webinars and conferences. I am always learning!

Personal Passion - I love to sail and I participate on a racing team each Wednesday and for the occasional weekend regatta. I really enjoy scuba diving. My classroom theme in my room came out of that joy. I'm super excited about going hang gliding thanks to a gift from my husband who will not be joining me because he is afraid of heights. The bottom line here is I love traveling (favorite so far was the Galapagos Islands) and anything mildly adventurous. The collages below are from my classroom website.

I know my passion must come through because this was a quote from a parent placement letter that was shared with me by the principal. "Great placement this year in a forward thinking, challenging, technology accepting and progressive classroom. Teacher with similar interests and energy was wonderful. My child has excelled when placed with teachers who are younger/youthful spirited, progressive and energetic." I guess since I'm 45 I fall under the "youthful spirited" category :-)

Another quote form the book that I liked was "Light yourself on fire with enthusiasm and people will come from miles around just to watch you burn!"

I look forward to joining in again next time.


  1. I loved that quote you posted at the end too! I started my post with it. :)
    Third Grade Tidbits

  2. I can't wait to get started on that book:)

  3. Your last quote was my favorite in the book! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about Teach Like a PIRATE! I'll be honored to have you represent the message with the shirt. I very much enjoyed reading your post.

  5. Loved that quote! I love seeing how you bring your personal passions into the classroom. I saw Sweet Apple Elementary. Is that where you teach? My husband and I just visited his family and attended my nephew's baseball tournament. We passed Sweet Elementary all weekend!

    Rowdy in First Grade