Monday, August 6, 2012

A few Made Its for Monday

I have to say it felt weird not joining last weeks Made It Monday since I was away. Having been back less than a week and having already started school it is just a scattering of projects for this week. I have however finally gotten most of the last materials for my diver project. Hopefully I will have something put together for next week.

Here we go:

The first is table numbers. I actually made them for my six tables. The turquoise and dark blue fans alternate and the insides circles with the numbers were made to match the cute squirt fish I got in the Target dollar bins. If you would like the circles click here.

I didn't realize how bad a picture until I posted it
I did a close up so you can see the cute font for table.

The next were some more banners. I included the jpg of the file because they are more clear than my actually photo.

Another little project was creating two more months of calendar headers because orginally I didn't bother since we aren't in school those months. Then I printed them small to use for my birthday board inspired by this pin from Erica Bohrer. I did it last year with a Hollywood theme.

 The final one to share this week is more practical. I like the idea of class journals and someone (but I have searched my boards and reader and can't figure out who) had the great idea for the kids to have some stickers with their class number to put on a class journal after they contribute. I made two sets (with different colors) for my two writing classes. Each child will get a strip of 10 stickers with their number.

That's it for now but I do still have a long to do list. Of course I have many less hours to craft now that I'm back at school but I'm sure I'll still get some more fun things done.
 Thanks for stopping by and if you're interested in entering my 100 follower giveaway for a personalized  denim clipboard like I made for a previous Monday project you can click here.


  1. Those squirt fish are super cute and I love your denim clipboard. So creative!

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

  2. Love that birthday poster. I made one earlier this summer too!

    Success in Second Grade
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  3. Great minds must think alike because I too made some similar table signs this week! Check it out!

    By the way, I have a 300 follower giveaway with lots of goodies! Come by and enter!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  4. I have a fish/ocean theme going on in my classroom as well! I need to get to my local Target to find those cute squirt fish!,

  5. Very nice table signs, I wish I could hang things from the ceiling... =( Great idea with the numbered stickers for contributions to a class journal, that's a great way to keep track, I might have to think about doing something similar. Stop by sometime:

  6. Your denim clipboard is very creative! I love your blog header ~ it is so peaceful!

  7. Where did you get those full sheet circle labels? I love them! They would work great to label my library books.