Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tried It Website: Infuse Learning

 I have been gone a bunch lately and I just haven't been keeping up with the blogging. It has however been so nice visiting with family (and some friends).

I missed yesterday's Tried it Tuesday but better late than never. See what Holly and the others are up to at

Last year we tried Socrative in my class as a clicker/feedback option because I kept hearing and seeing it everywhere. It was cool but I had some frustration about the limitations (the two biggest being the format is all one text line so I couldn't enter a poem easily and the other the lack of ability to add an image). Recently they added the ability to add pictures but I had already found an alternative by then.

I really like the website, where there are a bunch of options for types of feedback. These could be pre-made quizzes or single spur of the moment questions for formative assessment.

As a teacher you need to create an account and then log in to send questions out to the class 

Students can either be imported or entered manually ahead time and assigned to classes. Students can also enter on their own by putting the Room ID.

There are a wide variety of on the quick question formats. With the interactive tools students can draw on an image or explore a website that gets pushed out to them. As students answer questions they will show up so you can see them.

I added this image and students can write in a variety of colors

Teachers can also create multiple question quizzes (with 6 format types) where they can gather the results. Images can be added in this area as well.

You can share the quizzes that you create in several ways so others can use them in their class.

Infuse Learning has some Snapguides that will walk you through all kind of things

It is definitely worth checking out if your students have access to devices during class! Luckily it can be used in pretty much any subject.

Since it is actually Wednesday, I think I will also leave it over at

Thanks for dropping by. I leave again on Saturday (for San Fran/Monterey) so I will probably be sporadic for a bit. I'm still doing some reading but not much time for posting.

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  1. Hi Heather! Infuse Learning looks great and I have pinned it to explore more later. Love your family reunion photo! Thanks so much for linking up:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper