Monday, July 1, 2013

Teach Like a Pirate - transformation and enthusiasm

Being out of town for the last 1.5 weeks with just a couple days to visit with my hubby before heading out again, I just haven't kept up with my blogging. I started this one awhile ago and just haven't gotten back to it. I've got a bit if time while stating at my mom's office in CT so here we go. Hopefully I will catch up with the schedule soon.



A1: If students didn't have think there I don't think I would be teaching to an empty room but I don't think it would be a packed house either. If they had to be at school and they had to be in someone's classroom I think my odds are pretty good that they would come to mine :-)

A2: I'm not sure I really have any lessons that the kids would buy tickets to but I do think there are lots of things we do that they find enjoyable, engaging and educational. They love special days during the year (like International Dot Day & Earth Day), neat units (like mythology & French stuff with Family Under the Bridge), cool projects (like holiday card exchange & Global Read Aloud) as well as interesting technology assignments to go along with our reading and research. Of course there is always room for growth and I think many of the questions and suggestions in the book are just the kind of thing that get the creative juices flowing. I'm at ISTE right now and it has me looking at some of this from a different perspective - what could be a hook or a prop to get kids excited?

"You have to have a vision of what your ideal classroom experience looks like if you want to have any hope of creating it."

I'm really putting some thought into my vision these days.

I think the blank adjustable classroom that Dave describes sounds perfect in many ways - how cool to transform the space and arrangement for a party or battle or march. I however am more of a theme girl at some time I might be able to let it go but not yet. Instead I like to transform my room to fit my theme. I have blue covers over my lights, ocean creatures all around and a life sized diver hanging from my ceiling. I love my calm space and the kids do too. I do however like to dress up for different activities/events. I wish I had Ms. Frizzles wardrobe. At least I have my pirate shirt.


This is something that I have no shortage of! I LOVE what I do and the kids and other teachers know it. I have a lot of energy and I am "on" most of the time. I just got back from ISTE 2013. As I described it to my coworkers I'm hardcore when it comes to these things. There were times they went back to the room, left for lunch, or came in late but I just can't spare a moment. It was not all in sessions, sometimes it was hanging out at the bloggers cafe meeting people face to face or attending a social event but I soaked it all up because I love that kind of thing. That is how I am with school too. I'm always trying to find new things to share with my students. Like Dave Burgess however I'm not perfect (as a matter of fact I appreciated reading that) I don't always get my papers back as quickly as I could or respond to an email right away but no one would ever thing it is because I'm not dedicated. That is apparent to anyone who meets me. As a matter of fact, while visiting with friends at the Fablevision booth at ISTE a gentleman came up and told Terry Shay that he could sense my energy from where he was standing (a bit of a distance away). By the way, Peter H Reynolds (author/illustrator who founded Fablevision) is someone whose enthusiasm radiates from him and I think that's why everyone gravitates towards him.

I liked Dave's variation on the Carlos Santana quote "There is nothing more contagious on this planet than enthusiasm ...the lesson becomes incidental, what people receive is your enthusiasm



  1. Love the pirate shirt. I think it is wayyyy better than Ms. Frizzle's attire. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Your room sounds awesome! Love the enthusiasm quote you picked out too. And, of course, I'm diggin the shirt!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. Hey...nice shirt!! Wish I could have been at ISTE and connected with you there. Just happened to coincide with a family vacation (which was also needed). Thanks for another great TLAP post!