Sunday, October 28, 2012

A few things we have been doing

We have been doing a bunch of things in class over the last month and a half or so that I haven't taken the time to write about.

Here a just a few favorite:

The kids loved International Dot Day. They made watercolor dots on paper and we put them in a swirly got frame. Then they made some digital dots using our new iPads. They also helped our first grade reading buddies make dots on the iPads as well as all the kindergarten stuednts in the school. It was a fabulous day.

They enjoyed participating in the annual OREO project. We had some great stackers this year. We figured out our class average and submitted it along with tons of other classes. If you haven't ever done this one before it is great fun. Projects by Jen also hosts a fabulous Holiday Card Exchange in case you might be interested.

Our Student Teacher, Ms. King, Ivan and I
We have been reading The One and Only Ivan as part of the Global Read Aloud project. Unfortunately we got pretty far behind with the schedule so we didn't participate as much as my previous classes have done. They still have been enjoying the book and the activities.

The kids performed their grade level musical, Music and Me,  for the school during the day and then an evening performance for the parents. That did such a great job and I was very proud of them.

Currently we are doing a two week unit about Greek mythology. I will definitely have to share a bit about that soon with some pictures since I forgot that camera at school. The kids are totally loving it.

This week we have our field trip to the Stone Mountain Indian Festival and Pow-Wow. This was a great time last year so I hope it is this year as well.


  1. I loved teaching Greek Mythology! I taught an ancient Greece unit when I taught 2nd grade at a Core Knowledge school. Have fun!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  2. I just wanted to let you know, I love your blog! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post here:


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  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your kiddos' dots!! And where did you get those fabulous frames?? I have plain black ones I could spray paint, but I love the designs on the ones they have!! That is one of my all-time favorite books and I love how you really brought it to life for them! Also, I have never heard of the Ivan book before, but I am adding it to my booklist! It looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas!

    Lessons with Laughter