Saturday, June 23, 2012

This week was a bit busy for the summer.

I attended a two day differentiated instruction conference put on by my school system. I have to say I thought it was pretty well done. I felt that the opening keynote speaker could have been better but the presenters did a nice job on their individual session. Not only were all the sessions well planned and organized but I got at least a couple new ideas/things from each. There was also a lot of good discussion. One of the best parts was that they put together the materials from ALL the sessions in a LiveBinder and gave us the link at the end of the last day. Would you like to see what was shared? Click the link or the binder below and browse around.

I also had to finish putting together a little training for some fellow staff members about iPads. Our school just purchased an iPad cart with 30 tablets for the students to use next year. My principal generously offered to let teachers check them out for the summer after they attended a little training. I was supposed to cover the basics of how they work as well as some specific procedures for purchasing apps and collecting app suggestions. Unfortunately we did run over a bit but I think most of the people found it helpful. We did set a Dropbox account for the school and install it on the iPads so I could put a few helpful resources in there for reference. I have included links to a couple of useful items: MakeUseOf iPad guide, Apple iPad 2 User Guide, Simple K12's 15 iPad Tips for Teachers and Simple K12's 20 iPad apps Educator's can't live without. Of course there are tons more resources but this was just intended to give a little taste and give them something they could reference when they don't remember how to do something we talked about at the training.

I was also able to fit in some crafty time but I'll share that on Monday.

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