Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pintervention Party...I've started doing.

I worked on this Friday but didn't quite get it posted until today. I actually got side track on another project - imagine that.


I have been pinning things like crazy since early last summer. Unfortunately many of them just get inner and nothing more. Finally this summer I have made time to recreate some of the cool things that I have pinned here is just one example.

This was actually a combination of two pins that I've had for a while on Pinterest

and inspiration from Katie's post for week two of Made It Monday.

Here is what I did.

blue dye in a bucket with 120 clothes pins

a used a bowl to hold down the floating clothes pins
clothes pins drying after the 2 hour soak
half the clothes pins lined up ready for next step
mod podge then some glitter
two more layers of mod podge on top (to hold glitter)
gluing on the thumb tack
 This is the final product
a class set of decorated clothes pins
 The plan is to use them to hang up student work outside my classroom. Up to this point I have just used clear push pins in the corkboard strips.

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  1. I'm your newest follower.

    I'm nominating you for two blog awards, One Lovely Blog and The Versatile Blogger. Come on by and get them.


  2. That project is one of my pins as well! They look great! Thanks for linking up :)I'm a new follower :)