Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting into my crafty groove

I have been hard at work trying to get in touch with my crafty side - which is generally buried very deep. Here is my newest link up for

The first project was inspired by a pin from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. Of course who knew Tara was also going to be doing something very similar this time too :-)
so inviting
Pinterest inspiration
Here is my version. I used my Silhouette CAMEO to cut out the letters and circles. I used card stock for the letters and the outside circles. The inner circles were digital scrapbook paper that I printed on white card stock. I attached the letters with a tap runner and the middle circle to the back with spray adhesive.

my version

close up

The next project was a quick one that I've had pinned for ages. This is the inspiration.  In hind sight I should have stuck with a rigid plastic visor rather than foam. I will probably have to remake them later on but this will at least get me started

Two students (rotated weekly) get to wear these hats during centers, when the teacher is working with small groups. If they can't answer the question, then only these students may come to the teacher. Sort of a play on "ask three, then me"
Pinterest inspiration

my version

The final creation was just because I saw cheap tumblers at the dollar store and I thought it would be fun to personalize them for my grade level teamies. The fourth grade next year will be made up of two teams (a reading/language arts teacher and a math/science/ social studies teacher). One pair of teachers (which includes myself) are doing an ocean theme and the other team (which includes a special ed teacher as well) are doing a super heroes theme. We also have an EIP teacher that serves fourth and fifth that will reside on our hall and she loves owls. I'm not sure if it will be a theme but I wanted her to feel included. The pink ones incorporate their initials into the design but the others have an initial on one side and the image on the other. I put paper in the blue ones since it was distracting to the see it showing through from the back

super hero cups

ocean and owl cups

Okay I wanted to throw in one other quick cutie. I did a large Vistaprint order last week (and I haven't even gotten to my Groupon one yet) and I made a banner for the other reading teacher who is my bestie at school. I probably should have put a book in the flying kids hand also but I didn't think of it until later.

reading banner
I'm looking forward to checking out all the others now.


  1. Love the cups, I am going to have to do some of those. What type of paint did you use?

    1. Thanks for the nice comment. I actually cut them out of vinyl using my Cameo. It was a bit of a pain to layout since I'm still learning my new gadget but cutting and applying was a breeze. Unfortunately I don't have enough talent to pain them.

  2. Thanks for linking up!! You got so much done. LOL! We did the same thing!! I have had my eye on that welcome sign forever!!!! I did mine the hard way though...all digitally...I don't have one of those awesome machiney things....So sweet of you to personalize those cups for your team! Great idea!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. I was just going to ask how you did the cups. They turned out great! I feel like I need to invest in these little vinyl machines... everyone is making such neat things!

    Reaching for the TOP!

  4. I like the signs!
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack