Monday, June 11, 2012


I did the first step for setting up this blog ages ago. I selected a title and a blog design (which I just changed today). Unfortunately, I never got any farther than that. In the beginning I probably was a little too busy and then the time just got away. With some free time over the summer I figured it was finally time to give it a go.

There are a ton of fabulous blogs that I follow and read regularly. This will now be my little attempt to add to the conversation.

Here is a tiny bit about myself:

I have been teaching for seventeen year around the state of Georgia. During those years I have been primarily an intermediate classroom teacher (3-5)  but I also served as school technology integration specialist for four years working with PreK-5 classes. I love what I do and couldn't imagine doing anything else. It is really both a job and a hobby.

I currently teach fourth grade in a great school just over a mile from my house. Next year will be a bit of change because we are going to start to departmentalize a bit. I will be teaching only reading and language arts. I love reading and have an unhealthy obsession with books for my classroom so that won't be an issue (except getting a handle on the new common core requirements). I started doing Daily 5 (and pseudo CAFE) last year and am looking forward to expanding on that this year. I was really excited to hear about the intermediate book study starting in July run by a bunch of fabulous bloggers.  I don't however have as much confidence about writing. It isn't something that I love to do and every year I say that it is going to be a focus area. I read up and try new things and make baby steps each year. This upcoming year I should really be able to focus and grow a lot in this area (which is one of the primary reason I selected RELA even though math and science are my absolute favorites).

I also love to travel and do semi adventurous things. I really enjoy SCUBA diving while on vacation and that lead to my classroom theme for next year which will be ocean focused. I've already started making some fun goodies that I will share shortly.

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